Boudoir | Exotic Boudoir | Cape Town | SA

Boudoir photography of a woman with brown hair on location at Shepstone Gardens in Johannesburg, South Africa

It makes my heart so happy to hear that clients have a transformational time on these shoots.

“The reality of my photoshoot was that it was way more fun than I had expected going into the session and that the it built up an inner confidence within myself.”

Personal Branding | Jenna Wait | Johannesburg | SA

Woman with blonde hair, a black shirt and blue jacket poses for a personal branding portrait

Jenna contacted me with a clear vision of what she wanted for her shoot.

We brainstormed to come up with a concept that would be a visual representation of both her as a person and the message that she wanted to convey about her brand.

Legacy Portraits | Cape Town | SA

Legacy portrait photography of a woman in her 60's with grey hair dressed in a white, knitted dress in studio in Cape Town, South Africa

I finally got around to having my parents in studio. We shot some legacy portraits with some personal branding type photos of each of them, as well as a group shot of the 3 of us together.

Boudoir | Exotic Boudoir | Cape Town | SA

Boudoir photography of an anonymous woman with brown, curly hair in studio in Cape Town, South Africa

“I was unsure of what to expect but really wanted great images to share with my husband as an anniversary gift. Kat managed to exceed my expectations above and beyond. I really enjoy watching my husband each time I send him one of the pics. He can’t wait for it and keeps asking me for the next one. We’re both very impressed.”