Love what you do,
and do it well.

You’ve found your calling and now
it’s time to give your gift to the world.


You’ve pivoted more times than you care to count, but you’re finally onto something. You’ve found your magic and you are determined to help others with what you have been called to do in this life.


Now is the time to ramp it up. To truly step into your power and empower others by taking the next step with the content that you put out into the world. You have a vision and you’re looking for the right person to collaborate with that will capture your personality and identity in just the right way.


My vision is to encourage you to uplift yourself, and in the process uplift the people in your life by showing your sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers, daughters, sons and friends exactly who you are, what you do and can do for others.


Let’s make magic together!

Kat xx

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We have a 30 minute chat online where we get to know each other. I ask you questions that will help me to get to know you better. This will allow me to find out what your intentions are behind doing the shoot, as well as what you are hoping to get out of it. This covers everything from your reason for wanting to do the shoot to any concepts or ideas that you have for it as well as wardrobe ideas.


I give you tips on the next steps forward as well as some homework for you to do so that we are on the same page as to exactly what you are looking to get out of your photoshoot.



Your session starts with being pampered by one of our amazing hair and make up artists.


The shoot consists of two looks (or more, depending on the package you choose).


The looks and set options will depend on the themes or vibes that we discuss in your clarity session.



I take the time to pre-select only the best of your images which are edited and uploaded for you to choose from. It is up to you which images are to be in your final selection.


Each package includes a certain amount of images. If you love your final images so much that you want more images than was included in your chosen package, pricing will be shared with you before your reveal so that you are confident in your final selection.



“Kat’s incredible direction, talent and professionalism made my boudoir feel as natural as breathing. Her passion for what she does is felt through every step of the process, from planning to the actual shoot, and her perfectionism and consideration makes you feel like you’re the safest hands possible. Thank you for making that experience something I can’t wait to do again!”

“Kat is one of the most talented, creative and easy-to-get-along with photographers that I have worked with. I did a lifestyle shoot with Kat and we had such a great time shooting. She did an amazing job and really knew how to capture my personality in the shots. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

“Wow! I have nothing but great things to say about Kat’s work. She’s an incredible photographer, she’s remarkably talented and an amazing person to work with. Kat knows exactly how to get the shot and gives excellent guidance on how to execute it! She makes you feel comfortable and at ease but remains professional at the same time. I would highly recommend her for any occasion.”