“I’m a colourful South African / British / Russian / German hybrid, and have proudly adopted Cape Town as my chosen home”.


I always knew I wanted to do something creative and empowering, and was passionate about photography, but never considered being a photographer as a full time job. It’s been a journey trying out different vocations and then trying out all types of photography to get me to my current interest, which is women empowerment photography.

It started with trying out modelling in college while studying Graphic Design. Which lead to an interest (read: complete obsession) in photography. Within 6 months of photographing on the weekends it became my full time job. I’ve now been running my own photography business for 14 years.

I started my career as a fashion and events photographer, but I have photographed everything from personal branding and content creation to photos highlighting motherhood, as well as weddings, portraits, maternity, lifestyle, food, product, and stock imagery. I’ve put a more intentional focus on my more recent passion, boudoir photography – which includes:

  • intimate portraiture
  • women empowerment photography
  • and everything self-love focused.

I have this fire within me that is telling me to document anything that empowers
women and makes them feel powerful, self-assured, confident and beautiful.


With 14 years of photography experience in fashion, lifestyle, commercial, editorial, product and event photography, I bring the knowledge that I have gained through working with other photographers, agencies and clients to every shoot.

Post Production

As part of every photoshoot that I offer, post production (otherwise known as editing) is included in every package and quote. Part of the reason my clients are drawn to my work is the style of editing that they see on my photos. I provide all pictures that are selected by you, the client, edited and ready to be used when you receive them. I currently do all my own post production.

Clarity Sessions

I offer a clarity session on all personal branding and women empowerment sessions (excluding the “Raw Package”). This includes self-love, boudoir and legacy portrait shoots. This is a 30 minute call, either online or in person (if in Cape Town), where I ask you some questions and we talk through and design the concept of your shoot together. This covers everything from your reason for wanting to do the shoot to any concepts or ideas that you have for it as well as wardrobe ideas.