Sensual Portraits | Exotic Boudoir | Cape Town | SA

Boudoir and sensual portrait photography of an woman with mid length brown hair and red lipstick in studio in Cape Town, South Africa

I have been obsessed with boudoir photography since post-lockdown when and we could be around people again. Since then I have been trying to figure out where I fit into the genre. Surely there had to be something in between that was more than just a portrait or only boudoir.

Enter the term “Sensual portraits”.

Boudoir | Exotic Boudoir | Cape Town | SA

Boudoir photography of a woman with brown hair on location at Shepstone Gardens in Johannesburg, South Africa

It makes my heart so happy to hear that clients have a transformational time on these shoots.

“The reality of my photoshoot was that it was way more fun than I had expected going into the session and that the it built up an inner confidence within myself.”