I was on another shoot and the model Jimi, who is from Nigera, asked for a couple of pictures for himself. So we shot this at midday (the worst time to shoot, which I never do because I always want the best light and prefer shooting with natural light), on the side of the road, somewhere between the Northern Suburbs and Southern Suburbs of Cape Town.

And I love these images! They may not be the best images I have taken technically but I love the raw vibe of the pictures and the fact that Jimi is very different looking to my usual subjects. To shoot a Nigerian in Cape Town is something that makes me smile, and makes me realise how far I have come. I always wanted to be in an interesting and beautiful place meeting people from all over the world with my photography. And here I am, doing this exact thing in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Which I now also proudly get to call my home. It was a pretty surreal moment for me.

Thank you Cape Town for showing me exactly what I am capable of every day. You have pushed me more than I ever could have dreamed or known you would. And I am extremely grateful for all of the lessons I am learning and people I am meeting being a part of your crazy self.

Cape Town portrait shoot by photographer Kat Grudko
Cape Town portrait shoot by photographer Kat Grudko

Photographer: Kat Grudko Photography
Model: Jimi Cooper

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Instagram (Lifestyle): @KATGRUDKOLIFE
Twitter: @KatGrudkoPhoto
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